The Basepath


For Teams, Leagues and Tournaments

Players must communicate with each other during the game if they are to make the plays and win. 

It is the same for teams and leagues. Strong communication should be built into everything you do  –  every play you make  –  if you are to succeed and grow.

You want people to invest themselves in what you do. It is a mindset. But once it is made, the practical forms of support follow. Perhaps that support is financial. Maybe it comes as more participation and registrations. It could be expressed in more partnerships, new opportunities, or better problem-solving.

That self-investment, that strong commitment others have to your organization’s success, comes from the experience people have every single time they are exposed to your organization or interact with it.

That is where we come in. We help you build great communications and marketing into what you already do. 

We work with you to look at every way people come into contact with your organization. We use communication to ensure their experience is meaningful. And every part of that experience matters, from simple things, such as forms, emails, social media, and websites, to live events such as try-outs and tournaments, to sponsorship pitches and community engagement.

Basepath Media knows baseball and only does baseball. We help you build support through marketing and communication that are integrated into your operations. We focus on real outcomes within your organization and on the field.

Here’s how we’re different than marketing companies:

  • We integrate communication into what you do. We build good communications and marketing into what you already do. We don’t provide you with a flashy add-on campaign filled with hype and self-promotion. Instead, we help you to build authentic communication and marketing into your operation, so it is a “team effort” that is ongoing and sustainable.
  •  We focus on communication through action. The best teams and players don’t need to brag or hype themselves up. They let their performance both on and off the field speak for itself. We help draw people’s attention to how you prove yourself in everything you do.
  • We’re about real outcomes. Everything we do is about producing tangible benefits for your organization. It’s not about social media “likes”, it’s about real-world outcomes such as your financial bottom line, on-field performance, recruitment, behavioural standards, health and safety, sponsorships, fan attendance, volunteerism, or any other form of support from those people and groups you need to succeed.
  • We know baseball. We are baseball people who are good at communication and marketing. We’re not marketers and salespeople who don’t understand what makes the sport of baseball special.
  • We only do baseball. We are not a marketing agency that promotes laundry detergent one day and then your team or league the next. We are passionate about the perfect game.