We help you compete.

Regardless of what sector you’re in, you are competing with others to gain support. You are competing for sponsors, partners, customers, prospects, fans, media attention, government support or anything else you need to succeed. 

We provide the following services: 

  • Optimizing operational communications
    We work with you to look at every way people come into contact with your organization, from simple things, such as forms, emails, social media, and websites, to live events such as try-outs and tournaments, to sponsorship pitches and community engagement. We look for all the opportunities to help people understand you better and invest themselves in what you do.
  • Storyline, messages, and content
    We’ll help your organization to define your story – what you offer and what makes you different. Then we’ll work with you to communicate that story with the key audiences.
  • Multimedia production
    We have a full digital media production facility. From this base of operations, we shoot and edit video, create digital animations, provide graphic design services, record podcasts and provide audio engineering services.
  • Sponsorship and partnership development
    We’ll put together your pitch materials and help you make a compelling case to those organizations who can sponsor your efforts or work with you as a partner to achieve common objectives. We also help potential sponsors find the best fit when looking for an organization to sponsor.
  • Media and community relations
    We work with you to get media coverage and to build support within your communities, whether they are geographic communities or communities of interest.