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Live, interactive training for individuals and groups

TRUSTMAKERS™ offers online and in-person communications training courses, such as Media Relations, Speaking and Presenting, Plain Language and others.

You may feel like you don’t communicate well because you can’t or won’t adopt old-school communications techniques. A performance coach may have told you to speak and act in artificial ways. You may have been told to spin and deflect or regurgitate talking points word-for-word when you’re speaking to the media or other audiences. Your organization or company may also be struggling to engage with the new world in which people increasingly reject spin, manipulation, self-serving communication and over-the-top marketing practices. Maybe you want to increase your credibility and trustworthiness.

For over 20 years we have trained professionals to communicate with confidence.

 The live videoconferences are conducted out of our Learning and Media Production Centre in Ottawa. The sessions are interactive, engaging and professionally produced.Our programs and services help you to build trust and support by:

  • Dealing responsibly and effectively with the media
  • Truly connecting with people in meaningful ways, rather than putting on a performance
  • Going beyond facts and figures by explaining meaning and giving context
  • Building a culture of communication within your organization
  • Focusing your ideas using clear thinking
  • Using language, images and stories that your audience can understand
  • Planning for, and responding to, developing issues and crises
  • Making a great appearance before a parliamentary committee