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About Us


Rutherford McKay Associates Inc. was launched in 2000 by David Rutherford and John McKay. Providing the best training and communications services, the company grew. While we have refocused and rebranded our approach under the TRUSTMAKERS banner, we offer the same high quality programs and services that made our company a success (see the testimonials from our clients).

To our knowledge, RMA was the first media and communications training company in Canada to embrace e-learning and online delivery with the launch of our RMA onDemand platform in 2015. Since then, we have delivered dozens of courses and workshops through live video conferencing. Our e-learning platform has been an integral part of hundreds of courses over the past several years.

Our approach was, and continues to be, unusual. Our non-nonsense, no-spin approach to communications and media relations resonated with audiences across Canada and even in the United States. From cabinet ministers and senior executives in all sectors to scientists, experts and front-line staff, we have delivered programs and services in-person in all provinces and territories, as well as Washington DC and NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs.

We are all in a new era and working in new ways, such as telework and videoconferencing. This demands new or adapted communications skills.

Our new TRUSTMAKERS brand and increased online service has been in the works for several months. This re-branding also included the launch of our new training and digital production studio in Ottawa (Centre42). We look forward to bringing our programs and services to a world that has changed in fundamental ways.