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Freelance Communicators

TRUSTMAKERS™, a Division of Rutherford McKay Associates Inc., has various projects on the horizon that could present opportunities for bilingual freelancers. If you have some of the following, we may have need of your services in the coming months.

  • Experience working in or with government organizations in Canada at any level
  • Experience as a trainer or educator, or experience in public speaking and presenting
  • Bilingual (first language French preferred) with a 3+ level in oral proficiency, written comprehension, written expression in both French and English (see //www.govtilr.org/Skills/ILRscale2.htm)
  • Strong computer skills such as MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Knowledge of other software and online communication a definite plus. “Technophobes” and “Luddites” are not a good fit for us.
  • Experience in journalism and/or dealing with the news media
  • Experience preparing media materials and able to provide two examples of news releases they have written in the past
  • Not currently involved, and does not intend to become involved, in politically partisan activities in Canada (supporting or opposing the election of any federal, provincial, territorial or municipal political party or candidate for federal, provincial, territorial or municipal elective office, or any federal, provincial, territorial or municipal referendum committee)
  • Resident in Montreal or surrounding areas is also a plus.

If you are interested in exploring this further, please send information on your background and skills to connect@trustmakers.ca.