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The TRUSTMAKERS™ Group consists of a number of companies linked through ownership and areas, expertise and values.

TRUSTMAKERS - Clear, authentic communications training

TRUSTMAKERSis the operating name of Rutherford McKay Associates Inc. We offer a range of communications and media relations training programs that help people and organizations build the trust and support they need from others. We are the anchor tenant at the Centre42 Learning and Media Production facility (see below). The company is owned by John McKay.


Centre42 is a virtual business co-op, backed up by our digital learning and media production hub in Ottawa. Our members are independent businesses and proprietors who share the same principles. Together we provide you with the scope of services offered by the big PR and production companies – without their huge overhead, high prices and bait-and-switch business practices. The facility is a 2000 square foot facility for producing quality videoconferences, streaming events, podcasts, talking books, videos and live, in-person performances. The Centre42 ownership consists of Paul Giroux and John McKay.


NRM Public Affairs takes an evidence-based approach to communications, marketing and public relations. We help you to understand your context and audiences; align your efforts using that deep understanding; and measure your progress. We are a partnership between Nanos Research led by Nik Nanos and Rutherford McKay Associates led by John McKay.

We are powered by green energy.