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We have been delivering online training through video conferencing and e-learning since 2015. We’ve picked up a lot of experience along the way.

Online delivery of training demands a high level of participation from those attending. Otherwise, participants may feel like they are just watching television.

That is why our training includes live video conferences as well as online quizzes, videos and exercises. It is truly interactive. It also recognizes that each video conference segment needs to be 50 minutes or less followed by a break.

For example, our Media Relations Spokesperson training is often delivered in the following way:

  • An introductory video or telephone conference starts off the program. Introductions, participant objectives and the schedule are discussed.
  • Participants complete brief online e-learning modules that take a combined 40 minutes or less to complete. These modules consist of short videos, brief readings and fun automated quizzes. Part of these modules asks participants to identify a subject from their work that will serve as the basis for practice interview exercises.
  • A live video conference with additional instruction and discussion so participants can prepare for their practice interviews. Each participant then does a practice audio interview and a practice video interview. Each is followed by discussion and critique.
  • After the video conference, participants can use a code to access additional resources on the TRUSTMAKERS website, including audio podcasts and webinars.

The variety of modules, audio/visual materials, video conference tools and delivery mechanisms means that we can tailor our programs to your needs.

One-on-one and small group sessions are available for all of our courses.