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Issue Management / Crisis Communication

It’s not what you say you are, it is who you prove yourself to be.

This statement is at the heart of our approach to issue management. Our Issue Management Workshop will help you to monitor, anticipate and respond to issues, so you can show what you’re made of and build trust and support.

Online Training – How it Works

The course is based on our definition of an effective issue manager:

  • By monitoring issues,
  • you anticipate and prepare,
  • so you can respond effectively and build trust.

It covers: what issues are; the “why” and “how” of issue monitoring and management; radar – how to anticipate, monitor and triage issues; team structures, roles and responsibilities; response planning; the different needs of different audiences; and, how to apply issue management principles.

Throughout the day, participants engage in exercises that will help them reach the definition of an effective issue manager. These exercises are supplemented by instruction and relevant examples and case studies that are discussed by the class.

The content typically encompasses:

  • The definition of an effective issue manager
  • The importance of building trust and support before, during and after an issue or crisis
  • Why issue management is needed and the outcomes, good or bad, that can come from it
  • Monitoring and triaging developing issues
  • Anticipating developing issues and preparing responses
  • How to respond and build trust
  • How to adjust knowing that “no plan ever survived the battlefield”
  • The elements of a crisis and how to respond

Our current course designs serve as the basis for discussions with you about your particular needs.