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Media Relations

  1. Media Relations Spokesperson Training
  2. Media Relations Spokesperson Training for Scientists and Subject Matter Experts
  3. Executive Program in Media Relations

Online Training – How it Works


Media Relations Spokesperson Training

TRUSTMAKERS is one of Canada’s leading media relations and spokesperson training providers. Over the past two decades, we have delivered 1000 + media and communications training sessions, in both official languages, in all parts of Canada and even internationally.

Our media training courses are based on our definition of an effective spokesperson:

1) Using plain language,
2) the spokesperson delivers their messages/ideas,
3) while directly addressing the question.

Our sessions focus on what actually matters to the success of your exchange. We don’t subscribe to the “performance coaching” model. Rather, we help you be comfortable and effective without feeling like you must be something you’re not or “put on a show”.

All of our courses are available online and, when public health circumstances permit, in-person.

The content typically encompasses:

  • remaining calm, relaxed and credible;
  • what news is and what reporters are looking for;
  • how reporters work;
  • the role of the spokesperson (incl. “the rules of the road”);
  • the need to use plain language, especially with complex or technical subjects;
  • the elements of a message, and how to prepare and deliver them effectively without sacrificing authenticity and accuracy;
  • non-verbal communication and its relative importance during an interview;
  • adapting to the different needs of the media and various audiences;
  • dealing with critical, complex or sensitive issues;
  • chairing news conferences, technical briefings and other formats;
  • preparing for an interview and anticipating the questions;
  • preparing for parliamentary committee appearances;
  • dealing with muddled, difficult or persistent questions, and questions that can’t be answered; and,
  • handling aggressive interviewers.

Our current course designs serve as the basis for discussions with you about your particular needs. 

Media Relations Spokesperson Training for Scientists and Subject Matter Experts

We have decades of experience working with scientists, technical experts, health care professionals, engineers and statisticians. This course is a modified version of our media training session described above. It addresses common concerns, challenges and opportunities for people who must communicate complex information to non-expert audiences.

Executive Coaching Program in Media Relations

The purpose of our Executive Coaching Program in Media Relations is to help executives and leaders to better communicate with the media as well as with other internal and external audiences. The program recognizes the value of senior executives’ time and builds seamlessly into their busy schedules. It is fully customizable.

The following are suggested components that can be adapted to the client’s particular needs:

  1. An initial videoconference or phone call between the executive and RMA’s facilitator to discuss expectations, objectives, experiences and areas of strength and weakness. A schedule of subsequent calls is established.
  2. Before each call the participant completes a short reading and/or completes an online module.
  3. A video conference or in-person media coaching/training session focusing on message delivery and practice audio and video interviews.
  4. Practice distance interviews using video and/or telephone interview and/or other formats.