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Strategic Communications


As public sector and non-profit organizations build and rebuild their communication capacity in the face of massive change, a key skill is the ability to think and plan strategically to engage with all audiences.

Online Training – How it Works

The challenge

The strategic communications and engagement function is known to be a critical determinant of success for most organizations in all sectors. Yet it is often the function within the organization that is least understood.

It is a function that many people feel they understand in an intuitive and abstract sense, but not necessary in the practical or professional sense. There is often a nagging feeling throughout the organization of missed opportunities to reach those people who can help advance their cause. There can be a strong sense that they could all be doing better if they could find the time to chart a common – and strategic – path forward.

The course

Strategists adapt to circumstances. They gather and synthesize information, and “connect the dots.” They anticipate. They plan. This course takes participants through the process of strategic communications planning.

The session covers:

  • What does it mean to be “strategic” in your approach to communications?
  • How to build a culture of communication within organizations, ensuring the function is embedded across all areas of responsibility from the leadership down to the front-line staff.
  • How to put together a communications strategy, recognizing that the process of putting together the strategy is as important as the document itself.
  • How to set realistic, meaningful and measurable communications objectives.
  • How to develop messages and tell stories that motivate and inspire audiences.
  • How to identify and develop various communications tactics and products so they unfold in a planned and integrated way that builds momentum.
  • How to measure against key performance indicators that focus on outcomes rather than outputs.

It focuses as much on the process of strategic thinking and engaging others in that process, as it does on the plan itself. Throughout we explore how to contribute to a culture of communication within organizations, helping to ensure the function is embedded across all areas of responsibility from the leadership down to the front-line staff.

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