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Clear, critical thinking

12,000-year-old footprints, the war in Ukraine, anti-vaxers and the Halifax explosion. Part one of our interview with Dr. Christopher DiCarlo on clear, critical thinking.

Footprints in volcanic ash:

Africa’s biggest collection of ancient human footprints was found | Science News

Dr. Christopher DiCarlo

Dr. Christopher DiCarlo

The Halifax Explosion

The chemistry of the Halifax Explosion (YouTube)

The Canadian Encyclopedia: The Halifax Explosion

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: The Halifax Explosion

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Canada’s Permafrost and Over 15 Minutes of Missing Time

In this episode we talk about permafrost and climate change with Peter Morse of the Geological Survey of CanadaPeter MORSE | Research Scientist | Doctor of Philosophy | Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa | NRCan | Geological Survey of Canada ( Morse (@PeterfrostMorse) / Twitter

In our History of Canadian Science segment we talk about a strange case of missing time, the day in the 1880s when the City of Toronto instantly lost 17 minutes. Historicist: The Noiseless Revolution ( Province of Canada issues world’s pictorial stamp – Canadian Stamp NewsInvention of Standard Time | The Canadian EncyclopediaSir Sandford Fleming | The Canadian Encyclopedia

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Some exciting news for our French speaking audience

Pour nos auditeurs francophones!

Nous sommes ravis de mettre à disposition le premier épisode du balado « À vous la science » qui présente une entrevue avec Etienne Lord, chercheur en agronomie numérique à Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada sur l’impact de l’intelligence artificielle sur l’agriculture. Nous racontons également l’histoire d’une innovation canadienne qui fait partie de votre quotidien. C’est une histoire qui commence pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et qui fait partie de notre économie aujourd’hui. Visitez pour écouter et en savoir plus.

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AI’s Take Up Farming

What if AIs were not evil masterminds bent on subjugating the human race? What if they are our secret weapon in facing the challenges of a rapidly changing planet?

Our guest: Dr. Nathaniel K. Newlands, Research Scientist

More info on our science history segment:

Canola! Seeds of Innovation | Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (

Canola industry in Canada, from farm to global markets (

Canola | The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canola Story (

Canadian Agriculture at a Glance: Canola: a Canadian success story (

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Coming Soon

The new Own the Science Podcast is currently in production and will launch in November 2021.

We will be the only podcast dedicated to the impact of public sector science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) on Canadians’ day-to-day lives. Our first episode will look at how artificial intelligence is playing a role in the food you eat.

While we work towards our official launch, find out more about us and maybe even pitch a story idea.

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